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MKTG435 - La Petite Poire
Class: Marketing 435 – Marketing Communications | Fall 2010
Project Type: Group

Project involved the conception of a hot sauce product, as well as the development of a brand and marketing strategy to bring the product to market. This plan included the development of digital, print, and storyboarding a television campaign.

MKTG435 - AT&T Campaign Critique
Class: Marketing 435 – Marketing Communications | Fall 2010
Project Type: Individual

Critique of the AT&T “Rethink Possible” rebranding campaign. Included an exploration into print and television ads both before and after the rebrand.

MKTG431 - Retail Audit
Class: Marketing 431 – Retail Marketing | Winter 2012
Project Type: Group

A thorough evaluation of the retail environment and activities of Calgary-based “The Candy Kid”. Project involved looking at store branding, inventory, atmosphere, competitors, customers, and pricing.

MKTG341 - Integrated Marketing Campaign
Class: Marketing 341 – Introductory Marketing | Fall 2008
Project Type: Group

Working with Spolumbos Fine Foods & Deli, we developed an integrated marketing campaign responding to health food trends and changing customer attitudes. This plan included sample creative pieces, and a full implementation budget and timeline.

MKTG433 - Marketing Program Review
Class: Marketing 433 – B2B Marketing | Winter 2012
Project Type: Group

Leveraging my experience writing parts of the strategic plan for the business school, our group was tasked with the evaluation of experiential learning in the marketing program. Our recommendations included infusing experiential learning into existing classes, and providing credit for external experience.

MKTG465 - Customer Relationship Management
Class: Marketing 465 – Marketing Research | Winter 2011
Project Type: Group

My team conducted both surveys and focus groups to determine customer preferences and attitudes toward Kilkenny Irish Pub in Brentwood. This data was processed using SPSS, and a number of recommendations were provided to the establishment as a result.

MKTG493 - MarkStrat Simulation
Class: Marketing 493 – Marketing Strategy | Fall 2011
Project Type: Group

Our group participated in the MarkStrat simulation. This simulation involves developing products based on perceived consumer demand, setting pricing strategy, and researching new products as existing products mature and new markets emerge.

MKTG559 - Sports Marketing Campaign
Class: Marketing 559 – Sports Marketing | Winter 2011
Project Type: Group

Working with the Calgary Vipers baseball organization, we evaluated current marketing and sponsorship activities and identified a number of other opportunities given the team’s place in the community and position in the competitive Calgary sports market.

SGMA591 - SolarAid Strategic Plan
Class: SGMA591 – Strategic Management | Fall 2011
Project Type: Group

An evaluation of SolarAid’s mission to help provide affordable clean energy to remote African communities, and ways to meet the aggressive growth targets for the organization.

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