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Exams behind me, my degree has come officially to a close, and in 12 days, I will have transitioned away from my positions with the Students’ Union and as President of the Strategic Management Association.

When meeting new students for the first time, they often ask me one thing: Would you go back and do it all again? The truth is, I probably would have done more.

I’ll let you in on a big piece of regret: I didn’t get involved deep enough fast enough. I spent the first two years of my degree (at mount royal mind you), before I decided to amp things up and dig in. Even then, it took a bit of a push from my friend Ana before I really dived in. If given the chance, I would have been involved from day one at Mount Royal. I feel I missed a number of opportunities to effect change for the better.

But the past is a sunk cost so to speak. I can’t go back and change it. With that in mind, I finish my degree on a positive note. It was because of the things I got involved in that I met so many incredible people. The bonds I made on the SU, on ICBC and within Haskayne are bonds that are likely never to be broken.

TLDR: I would absolutely do it all again.

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